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Color your marshmallow fondant as you make it with our pastel purple fondant color powder packets.   Fondant powders are pre-packaged in 1 ounce packets to make the perfect pastel purple colored marshmallow fondant. Color powder packets pricing are listed below. Each color powder packet mixes with 16 oz. of melted marshmallows, 5 tablespoons water, and 2 lbs. of powdered sugar to yield 3 lbs. of pastel purple fondant.
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Make your own pastel purple colored fondant with less mess. No more gel paste colored hands! Won’t dry out or make your fondant tear or gummy like water or gel based dyes. Easy to make, just add pre-measured color powder packet to marshmallows and get the desired color every time. Color powders are packaged in single, four, and ten quantities of the same color. 
10 Color Packs Pastel Purple $1.97 Each For 30 Lbs. $19.70
4 Color Packs Pastel Purple $2.97 Each For 12 Lbs. $11.88
1 Color Pack Pastel Purple $3.97 Each For 3 Lbs.  $3.97
Fondant Color Powder Packets

Of course, we can always make it for you.

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Pastel Purple Color
Pastel Purple Fondant Color Pastel Purple Fondant Color Powder marshmallow fondant
Pastel Purple Colored Marshmallow Flavored Fondant
*SAMPLE* Pastel Purple Colored Marshmallow Flavored Fondant
Sample  $1.97
Try a sample of our pastel purple colored marshmallow flavored fondant. Order several samples of flavors and colors for tastings and offer a product clients love! Samples are at least 3 ounces each and available in all colors and flavors.
20 lbs $48.97
2 lbs $8.97
10 lbs $28.97
5 lbs   $15.97
Pastel Purple Marshmallow Fondant Sample