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How to Make, Flavor,

and Color Fondant


These how to make fondant instructional classes cover making, flavoring,  coloring, and even how to whiten marshmallow fondant without watering it  down or making it taste bad using gel paste! Making your own  marshmallow fondant is cost effective, and you just can’t beat the taste!  Select your area of interest below and see how easy it is.
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How to make marshmallow fondant.

  Easily make homemade marshmallow fondant by hand with  ingredients from the grocery store. All you need are marshmallows, powdered  sugar, water, and a little elbow grease. Making your own fondant is easy if you  follow these instructions and tips on how to make it turn out perfect. Videos,  pictures, text, and even a free download checklist with step by step instructions  are yours. Start how to make marshmallow fondant class here... 

2. How to whiten marshmallow fondant.

One of the problems with marshmallow fondant is that it turns out a

little “off white”. It’s usually not noticed unless compared next to a bright

white. Using food coloring, or gel paste can change the structure of

fondant and dry it out, change the taste, or sometimes make it just fall

apart. But don’t worry, there is a way to whiten marshmallow fondant

safely, and the secret is to use a whitening powder that uses powdered

sugar as the dye carrier instead of a gel. This secret is out!

Select here to see how to whiten fondant easy...

 3. How to color marshmallow fondant.

No longer is marshmallow fondant limited to it’s off white color. You

can color marshmallow fondant red, green, black, yellow, blue, pastels,

and more! Use taste free fondant color packets and color homemade

marshmallow fondant as you make it without the mess. Most importantly if

you use a powder color packet your fondant will turn out exactly the color

you want. No more gel paste colored hands, clothes, counter tops, or

guessing colors that turn out too dark or too light. The secret is in the pre-

packaged powdered sugar base for the dye as the carrier instead of a gel,

so it becomes part of your fondant instead of breaking it down.

Watch here just how easy it is to color marshmallow fondant...

 4. How to knead fondant.

Have you ever had a batch of marshmallow fondant turn out bad?

Whether you make your own marshmallow fondant or let us make it for

you, fresh made fondant needs to cure or “set up” in a sealed bag or

container for a day or two. We ship your fondant the day it’s made so it

sets up during it’s journey to you. Once you receive your fondant, or open

your cured homemade marshmallow fondant it will need to be well

kneaded to become pliable and reach it’s final color before use. These

instructions and video will demonstrate an easy way to knead

marshmallow fondant to get perfect results. Most marshmallow fondant

problems are solved through kneading, more kneading, and if that doesn’t

work, try kneading.

View the how to knead fondant instructions here...

 5. How to apply fondant.

After the marshmallow fondant is made, colored, cured, kneaded to

perfection, then it’s ready to roll out and apply. Here we show some

techniques for applying and smoothing your fondant on a cake. Getting

that smooth look is easy if done correctly. We recommend after kneading

to roll out about 1/4 inch thickness for best results.

Take a look at how to apply fondant...

 6. How to make, flavor, and whiten icing.

Most cake decorators make their own icing using their own special

recipe. Use over 28 flavor powders to create the perfect taste to match

your cake! Flavor powder packets are pre-measured to take the guess

work out, and it’s available in bulk sizes if you do a lot.

Take a look at our icing flavor powder...

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