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How to Knead Fondant

Step by Step Instructions


If you are just receiving your order, learning how to knead 

fondant, or just looking for new kneading techniques, we welcome you 

as our guests or future fondant clients. When made, marshmallow 

fondant needs to set up or cure for a day or so.

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We ship fondant orders the day your order is made so it cures in the mail during transit. When 

you receive your fondant from us or open your cured homemade fondant, it will need to be well 

kneaded to become pliable before using. Follow the step by step instructions below to get perfect 

results. If you prefer, there is a kneading technique video tutorial below. Most marshmallow fondant 

issues are resolved by kneading and if all else fails, try more kneading.  

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“How To” Fondant Videos

How To Knead Marshmallow Fondant Video

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