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How to Apply Fondant

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How To Apply Marshmallow Fondant Video

Knowing how to apply fondant is one of the most important skills you 

can have in your knowledge base. Starting with a good smooth fondant 

surface will help with the decorating appearance and lessen the amount 

of time having to cover up boo-boos. Best results are realized when your 

fondant has set up for a day or so to properly cure after made, well 

kneaded, and rolled to 1/4 inch thickness.  

We mail your order the day it is made so it sets up in the mail during transit. Start by 

warming and kneading your fondant thoroughly. Working with well kneaded fondant is so much 

easier. All you need is a smooth work surface, corn starch, rolling pin, cured fondant, some elbow 

grease, and a cake to cover. Knead and store any leftovers in a sealed container or bag for later 

use. Watch the step by step instructions or the video below to see how to apply fondant in action!

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