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How to Color Fondant

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How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Video

Want to know how to color fondant without the mess and get the 

perfect color so every batch you make matches? Fondant color 

powder packets are pre-measured so you get the exact color on every 

batch you make. Coloring fondant has been a messy process. Fondant 

color powders are powdered sugar based so it becomes part of the 

fondant and will not stain your hands, clothes, or work surface! 

No need to wear protective gloves due to easy cleanup. 

If you already know how to make marshmallow fondant, then all 

you need to do is add the pre-measured color powder to 16 oz of 

mini marshmallows after they are melted, then stir thoroughly. 

Coloring marshmallow fondant is easy using fondant color powder 

packets and with a selection of over 100 colors you are sure to 

find the perfect color. The coloring powders are food safe and have 

no taste except for powdered sugar. Follow the step by step 

instructions or watch the videos below to see how to color 

fondant while it’s made in action!

Colored Fondant Cake

How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Black Video

How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Red Video

Kick The Bucket Kick The Bucket Best Fondant Best Fondant

How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Green Video

How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Orange Video

How To Color Marshmallow Fondant Lavender Video

How To Whiten Icing/Frosting Video

Try out bright white color powder on your icing  and see the difference yourself in the video  above or order a sample to try in person.
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