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How to Whiten Fondant or Icing

Step by Step Instructions


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How To Whiten Marshmallow Fondant Video

Knowing how to whiten fondant or icing will set your cake 

apart from all the rest. Using bright white fondant whitening 

powder is an easy to use and a cost effective coloring 

process. Our Fondant color powders use powdered sugar as 

the dye carrier so it becomes part of the icing or fondant.   

No need to wear gloves because these fondant color

powders will not stain your hands, like gel paste!  

Counter tops, clothes, and hands are easy to clean. Use 

this bright white color powder to get that wedding white 

look. As you can see by the picture, fondant becomes 

much brighter when compared to regular marshmallow 

fondant. Make your fondant/icing as usual and add the 

bright white powder packet to melted marshmallows, or 

with icing as you make it. View the step by step instructions 

or watch the how to whiten marshmallow fondant video 

below to see it in action! Fondant color powders are 

available in over 100 colors.  

Whitened Marshmallow Fondant

How To Whiten Icing/Frosting Video

Try out bright white color powder on your icing  and see the difference yourself in the video  above or order a sample to try in person.
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