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Blue fondant color is popular for birthday cakes and wedding cakes. Use for blue cake highlights, fondant ribbons, pearls, cake bows, and other blue cake decorations. Color homemade marshmallow fondant blue using pre-measured blue color powder. Select a fondant taste to compliment your cake’s flavor. Available in all flavors listed below!
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The primary color blue is a multi use color. Blue is associated with boys and men and used widely for male birthday cake accent colors. It’s also popular for flowers, bows, and blue fondant cake ribbons. You can use blue for decorating oceans, lakes, and rivers on cakes. Being a primary color blue mixes with other colors to make brown, purple, orange, gray, and black. This premium fondant absorbs moisture so you will have little or no sweat when refrigerating. Coloring your home made marshmallow fondant is easy and less messy with our blue fondant color powder packets.  It is very soft and pliable and easy to work with having a longer set up time that takes some of the hurry away resulting in less stress and better reflects a cake decorators talent in the finished product. Combine blue color with your favorite flavor to create a taste that will compliment your cake.
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