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  You Selected Black Fondant Color 
Black fondant color is a mix of all primary  colors. Use this dark color for a matte black finish. If you need a glossy black try our dark black fondant. Great for dark cake highlights, roads, tires, black ribbons, and other dark cake decorations. Color your homemade marshmallow fondant with black fondant coloring powder. Select a fondant flavor to compliment your cake’s taste. Available in all flavors!
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Our black fondant is very pliable and does not crack or dry out. This black is a matte finish so it does not look wet. We do offer a dark black that offers a gloss finish for that wet road or wet tire look when needed. Black goes with just about every color and used extensively for cake decorating highlights. It’s also very popular for over the hill birthday cakes, cut outs for numbers and names as well as bows for same. For traditional cakes black ribbons, pearls, and polka dots are very popular. Black fondant color is now available in every flavor. Having an easy to work with fondant that taste great and affordable is now here. Mix and match with your favorite flavor that will compliment your cake to create a taste that’s good as it looks cake!
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